How poetry has influenced my writing
This poem was something I put together when I was at school and was 'going through' a rather macabre moment. In turn, I used the poem to good effect in my second novel 'Stepping Back'...


If I look at you in a strange way
My eyes look blank with nothing to say
Then please donít fear me as I am
I havenít changed since I was damned
My bodyís dead but not my mind
And at midnight I meet my kind
So while Iím with you on this eve
Please remember I once was Steve


The poem below is part of the 'One for Rose Cottage' storyline. Here, the poem, or chant as it is described, fits into a part of the story where Claire hears things...


Cry for the little girl who lived in the ground
Cry for the little girl who has now been found
Cry for the little girl who lives all alone
Cry for the little girl who was trapped by the stone
Cry for the little girl who lost all her kin
Cry for the little girl who hides from her siní


Sadness coincided with the pre publication of 'One for Rose Cottage'. Here a close friend lost her sister in tragic circumstances. As a tribute, I penned this simple but poignant poem to reflect how we can keep the memories of our lost friends, family and other people we care about...


Our time on earth is but a blink
Sometimes not enough to think
And through those left upon their wake
Memories of their lives we make
So think often of those gone by
Never let their memories die!


I shall be adding to this page as I develop more poems. There is a copyright on the poems, however, the latter poem 'REFLECTIONS' can be used without acknowledgement.