The Story Behind 'Stepping'

 Imagine sitting down for a drink, minding your own business when a total stranger approaches you. He tells you, you were responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people because you prevented the Titanic from sinking on her maiden voyage. Furthermore, because of these deaths the future dictates that you may be responsible for millions more to come. You are also told that you have a chance to rectify that wrong by going back in time and correcting the mistake. A tale then ensues which will take you back in time, across the Atlantic and back again before finishing in the trenches of World War One. In doing so, and on the way, you shall meet up with all types of people, some famous, some infamous and others? well, just like you and me. All of this happened to Steven Grainger who came from a relatively humble but stable background. His life, up till then, had been routine and uneventful, however, all this changed one evening in remarkable style whilst calmly minding his own business and getting on with life as he knew it! His life was about to change in a dramatic fashion! Things happen in life and Steven?s meeting with Jack Hope and his granddaughter, Olivia, triggered the start of an adventure that would take him from 1984 back to 1912 and finally onto 1917? and who knows after that? One thing is for sure, Steven would never be the same from that moment and on! With personal involvements and links to famous names such as Ismay, Andrews, Smith, Guggenheim, Astor, Earp and a whole host more. Romantically linked to several women along the way in both time zones gives Steven an insight into what true love can be like. Available here on -  Available here on