The story behind Stepping Back

What if? That is clearly the right question to be asking in this eagerly anticipated follow-up novel, ‘Stepping Back’. To get to the true answer to that question you must be prepared to take an exciting and enigmatic journey in the shoes of our amiable hero.

Once more, Steven Grainger’s life is thrown into turmoil through no fault of his own. In this, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed novel ‘Stepping’, Steven finds himself having to face a past he did not know existed. On the way, his life changes as he is reintroduced to some familiar and some not so familiar characters… each with their own agenda.

Again there is much at stake for Steven including in his love life, which he seems to have little control over. His complex relationships are made even more interesting when he is reintroduced, by chance, to a soul mate he didn’t even know existed.

Furthermore, his enforced meeting with the mysterious Emma Read leads him, once more, across the Atlantic and into more adventures as he is swept along a road of intrigue. Danger is never too far away and knowing who to trust is becoming more and more difficult as time goes by.

Finally, his unexpected meeting with the President of the United States of America offers him some answers to the ultimate question and is just one more twist in a long line of events, which are to have a profound and lasting effect on his life and those around him.

What if it… What if it were you?

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