This is the cover and spine as of now.
Designed by me and created by Leigh Wienburg www.leelu.net
The background seascape has been provided by kind permission of Leif Skaar of seascapephoto.com

I took the photograph of the Titanic Memorial, (dedicated to the engineering crew and displayed in Southampton) just before it was cleaned. The Angel has been digitally isolated from the main memorial to enhance the look.

Since some of the members of the crew have been mentioned in my book, then I think it is only fair to include this tribute.

Southampton was devastated by the loss of many souls who lived there.

Many of the family members still do! We should never forget, that these crew members sacrificed their lives so others could live!!!

The relatives, and those who have a keen interest in the Titanic, are acutely aware that we are soon to be recalling the 100th anniversary of the sinking. 2012, will see an array of displays and events surrounding this famous ship and the associated infamous disaster.