I have found creating names and addressing their looks very exciting!

Getting the right name for the right character is as important as the plot. For instance, to give an evil character a 'fluffy' name could be just as good as giving him/her a seriously 'hard' name! Calling a man Mr Eunice Tickle, who slaughters his victims relentlessly is just as scary as calling him Mr Hardhearted Killer.

Some of the names I have used are real names of people I know. However, after asking them if it is okay to use their name I always like to stress that it ends there. It is all very well using the name BUT one MUST seperate the name from the person one is writing about.

In one of my writings, one of the 'characters' involved was very concerned that I had him driving a particular type of car... a car, he said, "I wouldn't be seen dead in!" This is where he had to be told to read it in a way that anybody else would who didn't share the same name.

Anyhow, I have enjoyed making characters up... in a similar way I have had to make up other details to fit in with the stories I write.