Please take time to read about those who have helped in the developement of my books:

Book cover designed by Shelby Locke and created by Leigh Wienburg. Leigh's work is awsome and can be seen on her own web site 


To Leif Skaar of for allowing me to use the background seascape as used on the cover of Stepping.


Highland Park Distilleries. In particular to Gerry Tosh who provided me with details about Whisky. In 'Stepping' you may recall that Captain Smith produced a bottle of Highland Park Whisky circa 1907 which comes from the Orkney's distillery.

Avon Valley Railways, who provided invaluable information about the railways of the period. Alan Hireson sent me a very in depth and detailed e mail about train colours and schedules.

The internet provides an invaluable source of information which is within reach of the majority of the planets people. We should not forget to thank all of those, who spend a great deal of time and effort in putting together the various sites we visit. I would like to mention two of those sources which helped me:

Wikipedia offers one of the best types of informative data, of which I have refered to on many an occasion. Please support this site!

Encyclopedia Titanica, in my humble opinion, offers the most comprehensive and historically accurate details about the Titanic I could find. The site is updated regularly and brings home a haunting truth about the tragedy. Using these sites, purely as a reference point, has been exceedingly helpful. In fact invaluable!!

Keith Dalziel, proof reader and wit! Thank you!