Photography is very important in our lives.

Without thinking too much about it, we look into the past using the direct results of photography. A photograph taken today is as simple a sitting down, however, the methods used are what makes a difference. Everybody that uses a computer knows that the background wallpaper is something personal. Personal to you? Something important. Just take a look at yours; think about what that image means to you! Is it a photograph that you have downloaded? Maybe, it is a photograph of a loved one that you have taken yourself? Either way; it is there as your choice.

Recently I have been honoured to be involved with a very talented photographer. Her work is diverse and covers action shots as well as life stills. Her models vary from Burlesque to everyday family photographs. There is no conflict in her work since each session is unique and extremely tasteful. Please take time to view her work by logging onto www.shootmephotos.co.uk Here you can see the range of work she covers? yes, I am proud to say that this extremely talented lady has photographed me? I feel honoured to be captured in time. www.shootmephotos.co.uk